Everything you need to know about shortfill e liquid.

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Everything you need to know about shortfill e liquid.


A shortfill (also known as Shake and Vape or just add nic) e-liquid is a bottle of eliquid which is not quite full and is nicotine free. You then can add nicotine shots which are purchased separate from the actual eliquid. Nicotine shots are 10ml bottles of tpd tested eliquid containing nicotine upto 20mg/ml. 

Eliquid containing nicotine is regulated in the uk under The tobacco product directive (tpd) to a maximum strength of 20mg/ml, and a maximum bottle size of 10ml.

Shortfill e liquid allows you to easily create your own e liquid, at your preferred nicotine strength, in larger bottle sizes.

A 120ml shortfill bottle, will usually contain, 100ml of eliquid concentrate in a 120ml bottle. This enable you to add 1 x 18mg nicotine shot to create 110ml at approximately 1.5mg/ml nicotine strength or 2 x 18mg nicotine shots to create 120ml at 3mg nicotine strength.

 You then simply shake (really well) and Vape.

There are various other combinations the most popular, at time of writing, 50/60ml short fills with 50ml of e liquid, in a 60ml bottle. Adding 1 nicotine shot will create 60ml at 3mg/ml. 

The biggest issues with short fills Is getting the tips off, both the shortfill and nicotine shots, with people resorting to pliers or using scissors to cut enough of the top off to add the nicotine shot.

 It’s is possible to create short fill e-liquids in excess of 10mg/ml, using the shortfill methods. Most I have seen, however are designed, to create, an optimal taste at a nicotine strength of 3mg/ml, 6mg/ml at a realistic maximum. 

Occasionally some e liquids may require a couple of days, steeping, to fully get the flavour coming through. Although this is quite rare. 

Short fill e liquids, are more convenient, reduce packaging, increase flexibility and reduce the costs of your eliquid.

 Some great short fill e liquids are available at www.pkbvape.co.uk.