Affiliate Program

PKB Vape Affiliate Program


The UK electronic cigarette market is growing year on year, with a recent report suggesting that the UK market value could reach £4.46 billon by the year 2021.


At PKB Vape we aim to give the customer the best possible experience, enabling us to grow through repeat and regular customers. We do this, with our core values, next working day delivery, affordable sustainable prices, great products and first-class customer service. In short, we aim to delight the customer quickly.


Due to our continuing success, we are entering the next phase of growth, and we need your help!


Do you have a website? Facebook Group? Instagram following? Friends who vape? Or other marketing channel? we want you to tell them about us, and we want to reward you for doing so.


Email for further information.


Frequently asked questions


How does the affiliate program work?


You can use our website to indirectly generate sales. You will receive your own URL which will automatically track all sales you generate. We provide banners, ads and text links for you to use. If your customer places an order within 30 days of clicking on your link you get paid, simple.


Where can I place my links?


Anywhere from your own website, your Facebook/twitter/Instagram/Pinterest etc Facebook groups, Instagram posts, messenger, email, the list goes on.  Please remember only customers of legal age can purchase through our website.


How do I get paid?


We pay via PayPal on request, or around the 14th of each calendar month. Please allow 14 days from order to payment, as this covers any canceled orders.


What happens if a customer makes more than one purchase?


You get paid for each order placed within 30 days of clicking on your link. If after 30 days, the customer clicks your link again they are treated as a new customer and valid for another 30 days.


What percentage do I get paid?


We currently pay 5% of the total value of any orders received within 30 days of the customer clicking on your link.


As an affiliate do, I get free or discounted products?


Top performing affiliates will receive free products, for content creation, sometimes in advance of general release.


How do I sign up?


For any further information or any questions please email